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Translation of Tables of Content of

Arab Official Gazettes

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Translation of Tables of Content of Arab Official Gazettes

Established in 1996, Communication Legal Translation (CLT) offered top quality translation to clients from all sectors of the economy: Law firms, corporate legal departments, world-class consulting and research companies, public relations and advertising agencies.

Over the past 8 years, CLT has been offering the translation of the tables of content of the official gazettes issued in the GCC countries. This is offered on subscription basis to clients in various sectors.

The objective is to keep our subscribers informed of the laws and their amendments when they are published in the official gazettes. Translation of such laws is made available upon request. This kept our clients informed of the latest legal developments in the GCC countries.

In light of our constant pursuit to expand and improve our services, we decided to offer the translation of the table of contents of all official gazettes published by the Arab countries of the Middle East.

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Salah Al Zein (Chairman and founder)

Arabic to English Translation of Tables of Content of the

Official Gazettes of UAE

official gazette


official gazette

Abu Dhabi

official gazette


official gazette



Arab Countries Official Gazettes

Arabic official gazettes

Saudi Arabia

Arabic official gazettes


Arabic official gazettes


Arabic official gazettes


Arabic official gazettes


Arabic official gazettes


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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

I own a legal firm and my work requires speedy updates and urgent translation of a wide range of legal documents, such as pleadings, court judgments, power of attorneys, agreements, contract, memoranda of association, laws; etc. Mark Hayes  I  Business Owner

I feel that my experience of the services offered by Communication Legal Translation Est. has been a most satisfying and rewarding one.

Mohammed Aftab  I  Brand Manager

With an experience of more than 20 years behind them, Communication Legal Est. is certainly the most authentic, efficient and reliable translation service in Dubai.

Luke Rogers  |  CEO

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Communication Legal Translation Dubai Est. has mastered the provision of quality Translation Services as the pioneering leaders in this field since 1996.

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